When I was a young boy I dreamed of being a veterinarian one day and when old enough, took a job at an animal hospital. Eventually, becoming a veterinarian’s assistant, I helped save many lives of family pets. But one day, I witnessed a poor little doggie name Molly just pass away of liver failure, after the Doctor and I tried every method to save her life. The Vet asked me to go out to the waiting room to tell Molly’s owner her best friend didn’t make it. This woman was devastated, as I was, and we sobbed together. After she left, I spoke to the vet and he quietly explained to me, “It was partly her fault.” She never gave her dog proper food, constantly fed her pet too many food scraps, so Molly was obese.

I realized that even though it was rewarding to save the lives of so many dogs and cats, I also knew to constantly face these poor little animals die on a constant basis was not the job for me. One thing this vet told me was that so many of the diseases that these pets were dying of were preventable with proper nutrition and physical exercise.

This is why I have created Healthy Pet Nation, to help people and their pets around the World live healthier and better quality lives.


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